Sunday, October 6, 2013


Midnight Hollow Roof Decorations for Base Game

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I loved the roof decors that came with the Midnight Hollow world however, I don't always play my game with my extra worlds installed, so have pulled out the files for them and made them base game compatible to use without having the world installed.

There are ten different decors in total and I have combined them into one package file. They can be found under Decor > Roof Decorations.

Sorry for the crap pictures!

.package file only!


  1. Hey ! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH !! ♥♥
    I needed these decorations so bad !

    Please, could you do the same with the Savvy Seller's Collection please ?
    It'd be so cool ! ♥

  2. Hi, I wanted to please ask if you could not uravit curtain of Midnight Hollow? I remove the black shadow on top, it looks awful when discoloration on light tone. Apology for English, it goes through a translator.

  3. Hello,
    I loved these decorations roof.
    You could separate this packages, or convert into sim3packs individual, it is easier to install by ccmagic, and is also easier to locate.

    Question: when I open the package displays a sweater CAS. Is that right?

    Thank you
    Sorry my english.

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