Thursday, August 22, 2013


Vested Collar Dress Fixed.

It came to my attention that the Vested Collar Dress file was coming up corrupt in Dashboard. Though I had no problems with it in game, as I test all my CC, I wasn't sure exactly what the problem might have been so I went ahead and re-did the file and checked it and it no longer shows as corrupt. Though I noticed this time around as I was creating it TSR Workshop hadn't crashed like the last time, so I am assuming the file got borked due to some errors with TSR Workshop. I have updated all the links with the fixed version. If you have already downloaded the file please discard it and re-download the fixed version. I apologize for any inconveniences and please be sure to contact me if there is ever any troubles with anything else!



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  2. You're welcome :) Thank you for letting me know about the issues!


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